Instead of bringing the you to a one-size-fits-all, padded recording room, we can bring the studio to you with our on-location recording services! Our on-location recording include multitrack audio recording, individual headphone mixes, overdubbing, split snakes for "tapping" the multi-channel audio at your live event, multi-camera video recording, and more. We have a post-production studio in town for all of the editing, mixing, mastering, and other post production after we finish recording on location. Our goal is to realize your vision, and the advice and expertise you'll get from a skilled engineer is invaluable during the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering processes.

Need a quick vocal lesson? Need help with a guitar lick? One of our coaches will join you on site to make sure your performance shines! Our lead engineer, Andrew Henderson, has been involved in songwriting and studio work for many years and is glad to lend his ears and his advice as well.


We also provide consulting and training to you as you grow in your recording & production experience. Some artists prefer for everything to be left to the professionals, but we know that many artists would rather record their song ideas on their own time, then bring them into the studio for production, mixing, and mastering. We totally understand. In addition to selling the gear you need to start making and recording your own music, we offer training for recording techniques, room acoustics, and for most major DAW software suites (Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Studio One). Contact us for details.