get lost in sound.

Need to bring your AV production to the next level?

We can guide you.

So... you want to make your music come across the way it was meant to.

If you're in a live production setting, our LIVE PRODUCTION team is ready to help you produce your event. Whether you're playing a small acoustic venue, worshipping with your church in an echo-y gymnasium, or putting on a concert in the great outdoors, we can provide the sound reinforcement, stage lighting, and live video production for your show, so that your vision comes to life.

If you're wanting to record your music so you can distribute it to others, our ON-LOCATION RECORDING SERVICES can help you produce top-notch recording, editing, mixing, and mastering results. Whether you want to release a live recording of your show for your band's Instagram followers, preserve the memory of your child's first performance, or just capture the essence of your favorite place to play music on your next album, book the date and give us an address.

Are you having trouble with your existing sound system, stage lighting rig, or video production rig? What you need is some proper TRAINING so that you acquire the know-how and the tools to get what you want out of your equipment. We can help you streamline your setup for maximum efficiency and ease of use. Having trouble with inexperienced sound staff at your club, restaurant, or house of worship? We can train you and your whole crew, to make sure your staff is up-to-date on how everything is set up and what to do if something goes wrong! Contact us for a custom quote.

Are you looking to equip your church, venue, or band with the training they need to get the job done? We can use our years of live production and integration experience to help train your team well and find the right AV solution. Contact us.