Live Events

Lost in Sound is ready to provide professional sound, lighting, and video for all kinds of venues, whether it's an indoor auditorium, an outdoor festival, or event just a small restaurant or coffee shop. A great P.A. system, pro lighting, and capable engineers can make all the difference between "the band over there" and a real show that people want to engage in! Think about some of shows you've seen where you couldn't hear the vocals, the guitar was WAY too loud, or you couldn't see the band because they were in the corner in the dark! Even if the artist or band performs at their best, all is lost if you don't have a great mix and an appropriate visual presentation. That's where we come in. Contact us!

Live Recording

We also bring the studio to the stage! Lost in Sound is equipped with a fully mobile recording rig for any of your on-site recording needs. We can provide multi-track audio recording and/or a camera crew, making us the one-stop solution to record your band's live show, your school's upcoming event, or even the talent show that your kids are singing at! Files are then taken back to our studio for mixing and formatting. You messed up the solo during the crowd's favorite song? Don't worry, it can still go on the live album! Come into the studio afterward, and we'll overdub the solo WITHOUT the drunk guy who fell on you while headbanging.